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Vinyl QR code

Vinyl QR code decalOne Vinyl QR code sticker with a custom color pattern that you choose, with the scan our business logo, so your consumers will know they are going to be directed to a trusted site with accurate information about your business. In a mobile format they are used to using.

The interior QR code color is important cause that is the part of the code that will be read by their cell phone. Many newer readers can scan in color however the older versions need the code to be in black or a dark color. We recommend staying with a very dark color so that all of your consumers are able to scan your companies QR code.

The exterior color variation is completely up to you. We recommend you think about the surface you will be placing the code on and try to find a color that will look the best with it. We know many companies will want to use red, which is our favorite too!

Mobile Website

Scan Our Business Mobile WebsiteMobile website for your consumers to view your information on. The site hold most of the information your consumers are looking for: contact information (phone, address, website), services, menu, pictures, videos, coupons or other specials, social media links and links to online reviews.

The mobile site was built to work on smart phones quickly, and with the easiest functionality for your consumers. By standardizing the layout in to a set format users will know what information they will be able to find by scanning your QR code and feel comfortable using the mobile website.

Your url will be your full business name if you have multiple locations a small portion of your business address will be added to your custom url.

Digital Copies

Digital Qr CodeThe digital copy of your QR code will be emailed to you so you can add it to your website, or other printed material.

Many businesses like to have the digital copy on their envelopes, letterhead, menus, receipts and invoices. The advantage is that people can quickly learn more about your business just by looking at your mobile website. A great example is if your company is in the service industry and you leave the invoice for your customer. They scan your business from the digital copy on your invoice and see there is a reviews section and click on the on of the links and review your business a great detailed review about the wonderful service they had. Another example would be a consumer scans your business while at dinner to save your info or like you on Facebook wall so their friends can come enjoy your food.

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