A QR code, short for Quick Response, is a two-dimensional code that can be scanned by smartphones (including IPhones) cameras to automatically link a potential client to digital information. The primary purpose of a QR code is to direct people in the real world to information online.

QR codes are extremely popular in Asian markets and their popularity is growing quickly in U.S. markets as more consumers are getting smart phones. Currently about 50% of cell phone users have a smartphone and with the extremely low cost of smartphones that statistic is growing exponentially.

With the extreme Growth in this form of advertising Scan our Business wanted to bring consumers and business a cost effective solution that is also safe for consumers.

Consumer Benefits

Due to the growing concern of consumer threats of malware or viruses being installed, when android users scan a QR code. By only scanning QR codes that are branded with the Scan our Business trademarked logo the consumer will be safe from malware and viruses. Since the most important information about a business (ie.. business details, specials, events, social links, images, menus, a link to their full website and more) is displayed the consumer feels their time they took scanning the code was worth while and informative.

Business Benefits

The digital images and decals provided to annual subscribers of Scan our Business all have the trademarked Scan our Business logo on them in a variation of colors to best fit the needs of the business. The QR code points towards the business’ mobile website that is easily managed and can be updated in real time simply by logging into their account at The business has many options of information they would like to display in an easy mobile format that is very user friendly.

Business QR Code Placement

There are millions of places you can place your QR code, When you sign up for Scan our Business you will want to fill in your information and generate a QR code in the color format you want. Once you have created your new QR code get a vinyl decals for your business.


One decal is included in your package and additional decals are $29 per decal, these are high quality decals and come with a 4 year warranty. If you operate a business that has a multiple business vehicles you will want a decal for each vehicle and one for each of your offices.

Digital images

You can create and use as many digital images of your QR code as you would like, they come in multiple sizes for the most used items (ie.. business cards, letter head, emails, websites, envelopes..) There are so many uses that may work for your business, just remember the more it is scanned the more people that will know about your business. Some of our clients have added their QR code to coasters, napkins, Print and digital advertisements, shirts, hats and much more.

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